The Canadian Connection


We warranty cAnadian Cars!

Many Dealers have found that purchasing vehicles from Canada is a great way to fit their inventory needs and provide their consumers with harder to find vehicles not commonly available in their areas.


Manufacturer and Service Contract Limitations

Certain manufacturers will not transfer the remaining warranties when these vehicles are imported from the Canada. Many service contract providers will also provide either limited coverage or will deny imported vehicles from being covered by extended service agreements. 


We have the solution!

We can provide your buyer the mirror of the manufacturer's warranty for a fraction of the cost compared to buying a service contract and your F&I department doesn't need to suffer as a result of your providers limited options.  We have been providing robust warranty options on Canadian imported vehicles for longer than any provider in the market, custom tailored specifically to Canadian vehicles.

Our Partners

Canadian vehicles can be an incredible resource for your inventory needs. We are proudly partnered with Canadian Super Sellers to provide our Dealers with incredible buying options and warranty solutions that work. We can mirror the remaining manufacturer warranty on Chrysler vehicles for a little as a few hundred dollars. These options keep your price competitive while not limiting your audience do to lack of warranty options from the manufacturer not honoring their remaining warranty on imported vehicles.